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POLARM is an internationally recognised Security, Protection and Intelligence organisation. We work with governments, the military, police, rescue agencies and corporate clients around the world in a variety of security and high risk environments.


POLARM Operatives and Instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including UK Special forces, other elite forces, Police protection, Rescue and Safety Trainers.  Our Operators have delivered top quality services and training in around the world including Bosnia, Kosovo, the Far East, South East Asia, the Middle East, Sweden, Sub Saharan Africa and Russia.


Our services include all aspects of security including close protection, counter-terrorism, disaster rescue and repatriation, crisis response, kidnapping and rescue as well as risk management and a wide range of training.


Our clients include corporate clients, private individuals, governments, intelligence and other security authorities. POLARM is a global organisation and are able to mobilise internationally at a moment’s notice, ensuring clients with a highly reactive response when needed.


POLARM has an established reputation for delivering results in a sometimes volatile marketplace, and are fully experienced in dealing with hostile environments. We are able to evaluate client’s requirements or situations and act accordingly by providing bespoke solutions through technology, integrated resources or simply boots on the ground to achieve the results required.




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