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Close Protection

Protective Services – Advisory Planning Support and Close Protection for Senior Management Multiple Business Development Visits to Sub Saharan Africa


Client: UK/US Engineering Company


Date: January to April 2015


Location: USA and Sub Saharan Africa


POLARM provided advice and support in planning visits to a number of sub Saharan African countries for meetings and business development opportunities.  Operational support consisted of managing trip planning to ensure secure mobile and static travel logistics through experienced close protection officers (CPO).


Many companies have understandable concerns about traveling in certain parts of the world where stability and security can be unstable compared to common first world markets.  This additional support can also secure assets when undertaking commercial trips with expensive equipment/product samples.


The client used the experience of POLARM to assist with planning and implementation of key logistics.  Support was then provided by CPOs who provided liaison with host government officials and their security staff as well as implementing safe logistics with tracking and communication solutions.  The added benefit was that the close protection assistance also ensured that trauma medical care was available in the event of a road traffic accident or more serious incident.


Close Protection and Mobile Security


POLARM has a depth of experienced operators who can support clients across the world.  They can assist in the planning and preparation phase of any trips to ensure that security and duty of care requirements such as medical and communications support are planned into the visits.  


This close support ensures more time effective trips with many potentially difficult situations being avoided by the client.

The wider skills provided by using CPOs are listed in more detail under the close protection page, however key points are listed below:

  • Security planning assistance ensures logistics are safe and suitable for the environment being operated in

  • Safety through the provision of a medically trauma trained officer

  • Mitigation of potential incidents through the greater awareness of an experienced CPO

  • Provision of satellite communication and tracking solutions.

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