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POLARM International’s Board of Directors is committed to fostering a culture of corporate compliance, ethical behaviour and good corporate governance.


POLARM is audited to ISO 9001, BS 7858 (Security & Vetting) and BS 8507-1 (Close Protection) by TTC Global.  


POLARM is proactive in its approach to good governance and as a member of the Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG) and of the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA); ensures it continues to develop and implement robust, internationally recognised professional standards as a UK Private Security Company operating abroad.


Although POLARM International operates internationally it also operates specialist security contracts within the UK and is therefore in the process of becoming a Security Industry Association approved contractor.


Whistle Blowing & Complaints Procedure


The procedure allows individuals to report concerns or complaints about potentially dangerous, illegal or unethical workplace practices.


It enables both those directly involved with the company as employees/sub-contractors or third parties who are affected by the company operations to raise the concern directly with the Board of Directors.


This includes third parties where for instance, individuals or communities that live or carry out economical activities in the area where POLARM operates or comes into contact with the company as part of its operations.


This is part of POLARM’s commitment to maintaining an open working environment in which employees, contractors and third parties are able to report instances of unethical, unlawful or undesirable conduct without fear of intimidation or reprisal is foremost to the company’s working practice.


In this regard POLARM will not act to the detriment of any employee as a consequence of them raising with management in good faith any breach of law or any violation of POLARM’s principles or values or any other legal or ethical concerns.


You may report suspicions, concerns, complaints or observations by using the "Contact" page.  An email will be sent to each member of the Directors Board.


All complaints will be handled with due consideration to confidentiality.   Complaints can be submitted anonymously and will receive an active response, although the provision of a name and email address will allow for feedback on complaint resolution.