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Government Security National and International

The diversity of experience within POLARM including ex-military, police and fire service staff as well as specialists in working at height and in national disaster rescue teams means that the company can provide accredited trainers to support Capacity Building and Security Sector Reform tasks for international governments funded through international aid and development budgets.




POLARM already supplies a number of specialist courses to elements of the UK Ministry of Defence and Military.  This is focused around training courses and allows the benefits of combining previous military experience with experience gained from the wider world to be feed back into the military training cycle.


Foreign militaries an also be supported in a wider number of roles with from military training with a focus on counter terrorism towards peace keeping skill sets.


Relevant Support:

•Armed and Unarmed Close Combat Training

•Behavioural Assessment Screening

•Surveillance Training

•CBRN Training




POLARM has worked with various the police service in supporting and developing their Officer Safety Training programme as well as providing an increased capability in the field of Lock-on Protestor Removal where the National resources cannot be mobilised as quickly.


This gives them the ability to support capacity building with foreign nation police services in a host of skills which


Relevant Support:


•Officer Safety Training

•Lock-on Protestor Removal

•Air Marshall Training

•Close Protection Training

•Surveillance Training

•Cyber Security

•Emergency Disaster Response

•CBRN Training


Government Agencies


The specialist skill set and responsive capacity of a commercial organisation mean that services historically provided from within government resources are now often done externally.


This covers specialist courses in HEAT, in depth Personal Safety Training (PST) as well as support with Close Protection for Diplomatic staff and other agencies involved in Security Sector Reform travelling in high risk environments.


Relevant Support:


•HEAT (3 and 5 day courses)

•Personal Safety Training (this combines elements of OST and unarmed combat used in self-defence)

•Counter Surveillance Training

•Qualified and hold SIA licenses.


Capabilities Case Studies Services
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