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POLARM Security Consultancy and Security Advisors

POLARM has strong foundations in both training and operational areas. However the greatest part of security is based on good Risk Management through mitigation and forward planning.  To that end the company is able to provide consultancy support to ensure that Business Continuity remains paramount through good planning.  This is achieved through Preventative Mitigation work as well as sound Response Planning to ensure that all the required emergency standard operations procedures are in place should an incident take place.


This work is key to support the management processes in advance of any form of operation which work alongside any training given to individual staff to maximise the duty of care a company ensures it provides to all its staff and clients.


For ongoing operational tasks there is the requirement to have an experienced Security Advisor to operate as part of the Incident Management Team in the event of a crisis.  This individual provides the planning and preparation function as well as providing key advice and control between client staff/management and outside agencies in the event of an incident.


For more information of the specific consultant support that can be given to Preventative Mitigation and Response Planning and Incident Management please get in touch with the POLARM team.