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Protestor Removal

Business Continuity – Provision of Locked-on, at height and confined space Protestor Removal Team as part of Infrastructure Security


Client: Major International Airport


Date: Ongoing


Location: United Kingdom


POLARM provides an immediate response Protestor Removal Team (PRT) based on site to deal with the removal of protestors who have placed themselves in highly disruptive locations using lock-on techniques, at height or in confined spaces where they disrupt the ability of the airport to operate.


The Police and other emergency services would normally be expected to deal with protests however the specialised resources to remove these individuals safely and allow the rapid return to business cannot be provided in sufficiently short timescales using National Police resources.


Due to the huge revenue lost by airports and other key infrastructure projects during protestor incidents POLARM has been contracted to provide a highly specialised PRT based permanently onsite with the ability to respond to any incidents.  


These teams have already responded to incidents at the airport and have proven that their exceptionally high level of skills and equipment along with experience have enabled the airport to return to business much quicker than relying solely on emergency service support.  


This ability to support business continuity procedures has already saved the airport and other interlinked commercial organisations from much larger financial losses had they not been available.


POLARM operates in an integrated role in direct support to Airport Operations and the Police with close liaison with other Emergency Services both Airside and Landside.


Locked-on Protestor Removal


POLARM has the proven skill combination and experience to deal with the technical problems associated with multiple protestor lock-ons, as well as the wider skill set required to be deployed safely in all situations, to ensure duty of care for them as well as the protestors.


The wider skills are listed in more detail under the Lock-on Protestor Removal Team section however key points are listed below:

  • Operators come from a variety of Ex-Military, Police and Fire & Rescue Services, and are fully rope trained and certified in Protestor Removal techniques as well as Personal Safety Training

  • Experienced in working with other agencies such as the Police and Fire & Rescue Services

  • Highly specialised cutting and extrication equipment for the removal of sophisticated lock-on’s and entrapped protestors

  • FULLY INSURED for all operations including airside operations


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