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POLARM was formed in 2006 originally as a martial arts club for members of the Police and armed forces (POL – ARM). We combine techniques from martial arts and practical hand to hand combat of Military as well as Police office safety training. POLARM trainers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including UK Special Forces, other elite forces and Police protection and safety trainers. Our trainers have delivered training in the Far East, South East Asia, Middle East, Sweden and Russia.




POLARM are able to offer course in FREC 3, 4 and 5 First Response Emergency Care to Ofqual accreditation. Courses are available to individuals or groups arranged through organisations and include both theory and practical training and assessments.




We place paramount importance on the quality of our trainers. In 2006, we began the challenging process to gain a certification for the delivery of unarmed and close-quarter combat training. Eleven years later we have designed the Close Quarter Combat skill qualification which will be subject to a pilot scheme in readiness for full UKAS accreditation.


The Close Quarter Combat Skills Scheme is designed to develop an understanding and practical knowledge of the skills that may be utilised when in a close quarter combat situation. This course is aimed at those who may encounter a situation where the application of the skills learnt that may require to be applied in a hostile situation. The expected target audience for this both the Military and frontline services which may encounter hostile situations while carrying out their day to day duties.




The scheme will be restricted in terms of its access and will only be available to the customers of POLARM. We may at a future date allow the scheme to delivered under licence but this will only be to companies that are registered with IQ Verify as approved ISO17065 Centres.


The scheme will not be available to the general public as the skills to be learnt are considered to be very specialised and only used in a hostile environment. But with clearance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, POLARM can run Close Quarter Combat skills courses ranging from basic training for soldiers and Police up to instructor level to train special forces.


The scheme will be delivered predominantly in the UK initially and only in English, but in the future, there may be a requirement to deliver the scheme internationally in an appropriate local language, where this is the case independent translation services will be utilised and IQ Verify informed of dates, area of delivery, staff involved and competencies to meet the delivery requirements, including translation services for the course materials and its delivery.


POLARM has successfully run courses in Urban Security Protection at RAF Northolt in 2016. In 2017, POLARM successfully graded Military and Police personnel to equivalent of Dan Grade in Close Quarter Combat skills.


Just recently POLARM has run the first pilot course for the British Army in Close Quarter Combat skills at Pirbright. The students were assessed by civilian martial artists and Police and Military Close Combat trainers.


POLARM has ample experience in delivering the training described. Our training staff qualified as instructors at the Royal Military Police CP Wing in Close Protection and Unarmed Combat skills. POLARM have run CP and Counter-Action training courses for both the Military and Police. POLARM has also run joint training between British Transport Police and SAS in Close Protection. We have also been requested and completed pre-deployment training for the SBS before deployment in Afghanistan.


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