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Urban Awareness Training (HEAT)

Training – Urban Awareness Training to key management staff of UK Business Process and Support Company


Client: Major UK Business Process and Support Company


Date: March 2015 to current


Location: United Kingdom


POLARM provided Urban Awareness Training courses to key management staff for the UK's leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support service solutions.


Historically large corporates have provided elements of Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) to staff when travelling to or being based in higher risk countries.  However with the increasing spotlight on international terrorism in recent times, companies are keen to provide some additional training to staff working in UK and European locations.

The emphasis on these courses is part of their duty of care and is used as part of their mandate to provide team building and leadership using realistic and non-core job related scenarios.

These courses focus around increasing staff awareness of their wider surroundings as well as giving them a skill set to deal with the pressurised and life threatening circumstances catalysed through events such as: a criminal attack, natural disasters and in extremis a terrorist threat.


Urban Awareness Training


POLARM have a long history of training both government and commercial staff which with in depth experience gives them a very hands on approach to training.  One day courses are often heavily presentation/discussion based but POLARM courses ensure that over half the time is spent doing practical scenarios in the office and urban environment.


The wider skills are listed in more detail under the Urban Awareness Training and HEAT section, however key points are listed below:

  • Urban Awareness courses can be based around a single day and run from a company’s offices

  • Courses can also be run from the POLARM training location in Hampshire which offers the ability to provide more physical courses and assists with developing team building elements and extend course length if required to cover a wider range of topics

  • These courses are of particular use to management teams as it allows them to take part in scenario training for which they may have to manage or provide advice on in the event of a real incident


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