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Who we are

POLARM is an internationally recognised Security, Protection and Intelligence organisation. We work with governments, the military, police, rescue agencies and corporate clients around the world in a variety of security and high risk environments. POLARM Operatives and Instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including UK Special forces, other elite forces, Police protection, Rescue and Safety Trainers.  


Our Operators have delivered top quality services and training around the world including Bosnia, Kosovo, the Far East, South East Asia, Middle East, Sweden, USA, Sub Saharan Africa and Russia.


Company Formation


POLARM offers operatives and training courses to the Police and Military in a wide range of Military and Security disciplines. The company was formed in 2006 originally as a Martial Arts club for Police and Armed Forces (POL–ARM) and combines techniques from Martial Arts and Practical Hand to Hand combat of the Military and the Police Office Safety training.  


We deliver regional training throughout the UK, including at employer premises, and throughout the world. All trainers are highly qualified, come from a variety of military, special branch and commercial / specialist backgrounds, and have continuous operational experience, being deployed on a regular basis. They are uniquely placed to deliver training which is based on real-live and up-to-date experience backed up with real external exercises.




POLARM places paramount importance on the quality of its instructors and the operators they train. In 2006 POLARM gained their first BTEC Qualification in Close Protection, training police and military. Our military instructors come from a diverse range of styles and fighting units and our police instructors have been trained by the College of Policing (COP). To ensure that our people are formally qualified, licensed and competent we always have an COP trainer on each Trainers course.


In the UK our police are required to show restraint in their actions. POLARM support this by including use-of–force education and escalation / de-escalation drills in all our training. POLARM also operates the Police Authorities National Decision Model.


We base our training on the Hick’s Law/Hick-Hyman Law theory, which states that the more choices a human being has to a particular stimulus, the longer his overall response time. 


POLARM employs instructors and operators from a variety of backgrounds, including Special Forces, other elite forces and police protection trainers. To date POLARM trainers have worked in Close Protection and taught Close Quarter Combat to Armed forces in Afghanistan, Sweden, North and South America and UK. Further details of our operatives, experience and qualifications are available upon request and subject to satisfactory clearance of suitable credentials from any interested party.


POLARM are able to provide support and expertise around the world and can provide strategic operations and training on both a pre-planned and reactive basis at short notice with a wide base of assets available


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